// GO GIVER!! //

The more you give the more you get. Give now. Give without expecting to get something in return because I guarantee you that you’ll end up getting more. If you think at a deeper level in our universe. Every one is all one. We are all ONE. The EARTH is ONE. The Universe is ONE. When you give, you are giving to another aspect of you!! When you give you have to know how to also receive. It’s like a coin that have two sides. When you receive you are giving also, you are giving the other an opportunity to give and to feel the happiness of giving. So what I’m trying to say is give without expectations and you’ll end up getting more. Maybe its not from the person you just gave something to. Eventually somewhere some time its gonna comeback to you. Its KARMA. If you don’t believe this rule of the universe, try giving something in return you’ll get the happiness of giving. So what are you gonna give today? 

// Southside Virginia Association Realtors Education Fair//

Today I had the best experience ever. I had a opportunity to go to the Southside Virginia Association of Realtors(SVAR) education fair. I went there because the school had a program called Job Shadowing. It is when students go out and learn by doing the real thing or doing the real job.So I told them I want to be a real-estate investor. So now here I was meeting with the realtors at the Holiday Inn hotel. They were having a seminar. The coolest experience is that I met Joe Croce the CEO of the company. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be there. I would like to thank him for his kindness. So when the seminar started, I decided to sit in front row!!! I know that it is the opportunity to connect to the speaker. And the feeling was so amazing. I felt I was a member of the realtors.I was into it.  The fun part is I was the only kid in the room!!! Because I sat in the front row. The speaker was right in front of me!!! I smiled to him and listened to him carefully. He mentioned my name too!! So right after he finished, I decided to speak to him. His name is Lawrence E. Marshall. He’s a amazing and intelligent man. I talked to a lot of realtors, investors, and businessmen.They gave me a lot of information and advice for me. I didn’t want to leave there. I was feeling as a part of the organization. I would remember this amazing time for the rest of my life. It is the BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!!


Today was great!! I had fun with a lot of things today. In school I had fun talking business insights with my friend, Whit. I had him read the Rich Dad Poor Dad book from the author Robert T. Kiyosaki. You wouldn’t how much this book is worth till you read it. It is a book for any one who is seeking for success in there lives. This book is a life changer. It changed my attitudes, the way of thinking about success. If you don’t know what you wan’t to be and what to do in your lives but want to be successful. This book is definitely for you. THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


// Wake Up!!! It’s a great day!!//

Every Sunday is the day I always woke up late about 10:00-11:00 am. But today I wanted to make a difference , I woke up at about 7 am. I think I should wake up early every day no matter it’s weekend or not. Waking up early has a lot of benefits in it self. It makes my whole day happier than I had before I was a night person, (sleeping late at night and waking up late in the morning). A morning person are often in a better shape than a night person because those who wake up early gets to prepare or do a morning exercise before the day begins. Like today when I woke up I meditate then I listened to Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership podcast. Then I read a book. It makes me want to spend this day not being lazy. I see a lot of successful business owners wake up early. It makes you more productive through your day. You!! who is reading this, If you want to make your days and life happier, wake up early!! 

My speech on encouraging Literacy

Today was the most exciting time in my life!! I’m doing a motivational speech!! I hope u like it!! 

// Dream BIG!!//

Today was a fun wednesday. I had fun at school. The most fun part was talking to Whit Spivey. He is a nice guy. He is friendly and always talks to me in class and I learned a lot of things from him like this word “mad props”. When you say to someone ” I’ll give u mad props”  that means they did some thing awesome. It was fun talking to whit. Today I went to the Super Market called Food Lion with Crystal. I wanted to buy some healthy cereals for my breakfast. Along the way in the car she had given some great inspiring speeches to her sons. It was like ” If you want something, go get it. Don’t let anyone tell that you can’t do some thing.” I can’t remember all of it but was an awesome speech and I totally agree with her. If you have a dream, go for it!! Dreams often get smaller and smaller as times go by. Do u remember your big dreams when you were a kid?And know you forget about it because you don’t believe in your dreams. Successful people aren’t afraid to dream big. I have dreams and I will do everything for it.My dream is to have passive income and financial freedom. My dream is one day I will be on the cover of Forbes magazine.My dream is to drive a Bentley car and travel where ever and whenever I want. Crystal is a very very good mom. She understands teenagers and she knows how to teach their kids to be successful in their life. And today she made chocolate chip cookies!! It was the best cookies I’ve ever tried in my whole life. It feels warm and soft. The chocolate melts in my mouth. It was amazing. 

// No expectations//

I’m so exciting today!! Finally I finished writing my motivational speech on the topic ” Encouraging Literacy” I have to speak this Thursday!!! It’s 2 more days till the speech and I just finished writing it!!! I’m so excited that will the speech will come out as I want? I know I should not have expectations for this speech. If you have lots of expectations , you are going to worry about it all the time then when it came out what you didn’t expect to. Your feelings will be bad. But if you think that there is no expectations, and there is just possibilities you will focus on it, you will do  your best. 

It is never too late to be what you might have been
George Eliot

// You are your surroundings //

Today was a sleepy monday, yesterday I went to bed late because I came home late from the redskins football game. So today I was sleepy in the math class haha. I have learned it before what they were learning. My mom said that I should change my algebra 2 honors class to a higher class if it’s easy for me. I believe she is right. John c. Maxwell said ” if your the top of the class your in the wrong one” Most leaders think they have to be the best in there surroundings but for u to grow and improve your self you need to surround your self with ones that are better than you. So after school, i went to the art club meeting. We didn’t do much today. Just color the signs for some of the teachers. So today I walked home my self. I loved walking home seeing the beautiful neighborhoods. I listened to Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership podcast, he was talking about time management. I know now why I don’t get things done when I want them to,he said because we like to do things that is in the comfort zone to avoid doing things that are not in the comfort zone.Every day that I have important things to do and need to be done ,my time always get sucked up by face book and youtube. So the work wasn’t done by the goals I set. It is the lack of time management of me. It wasn’t long after listening to the podcast, it starts raining!! So got home soaking wet today.

Your inner world creates your outer world.
T. Harv Eker
Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm an exchange student from Thailand. Now I'm living in colonial Heights, VA, Usa. I will be uploading contents through the whole year I'm here. This blog is about my life living in America. And I hope you like it!!!